We’ve all been there…

You’re on a call. Your pitch is polished, your product—top-notch. You’re doing everything right… yet, somehow, you’re just not connecting with the potential client on the other end of the line.

What’s missing?

During one of our recent webinars, we delved deep and shed light on an often-overlooked facet of communication—one that can make or break your sales call.

Let’s paint a picture…

Imagine you’re at a social gathering—perhaps a dinner party. You’re introduced to someone new. They talk about a recent trip with “their team” or how “we” experienced something incredible. 

You sense a collective spirit, a group mentality. 

Now, imagine responding with, “When I travel alone, it’s always a transformative experience.”

Sounds a bit off, doesn’t it?

What we found is that the language we use, specifically pronouns and adjectives, subconsciously provides cues to our buying mindset. And for the seasoned salesperson, these cues can be golden opportunities…

Here’s the game-changer…

People inadvertently choose pronouns that hint at their buying mindset. 

So if your potential client is all about “I” or “me”, pivot your approach to match that individualistic perspective. 

But if they lean into “we” or “our”, they’re giving you a hint—adapt your pitch to a team-oriented frame.

And then there are adjectives. Words like ‘fantastic’, ‘horrible’, or ‘interesting’ aren’t just filler. They’re emotional signposts. 

When your client uses specific adjectives, they’re telling you the feelings they’ve attached to those words. Use that knowledge! Echo their language to resonate emotionally.

Think of it as a dance—a two-step of pronouns and adjectives. But like any dance, it’s best when not overdone…

Let’s recall a time we’ve all had…

You’re watching a movie, and suddenly, every other sentence is a cheesy catchphrase. It loses its impact, right? 

The same goes for language in sales. Use these cues judiciously. They’re powerful tools, but they can quickly lose their impact if overused.

And then there are those piercing questions… The ones that dive deep and show genuine interest. Instead of assuming, dive in. 

Let’s say your client mentions a struggle with leads. Don’t just nod and move on—ask them, “What challenges have you been facing with leads?” Get them to unpack, to share. And in that sharing, you find your way in.

In essence, remember this—words are more than just words. They’re the very essence of connection.

So, take a moment now…

Think about on your recent conversations. How tuned in were you to the language cues? Did you adjust your approach based on the pronouns and adjectives used?

And challenge yourself. In your next conversation, whether it’s a sales call or a casual chat, try to pick up on these subtle hints. Adjust your language to match and see how the conversation flows. You might just find that you’re connecting on a deeper level than ever before…

After all, it’s the little things, the nuances, the tweaks that turn good into great.

And if you ever find yourself needing help taking your coaching business to the next level, well… you know where to find us.

To your success!🚀