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About Robbie Teehan

Robbie began his career as a musician and film composer, working under renowned names such as Sean Calorie and contributing to major TV shows. 

A few years ago, he ventured into the coaching industry, helping budding film, TV, and video game composers navigate the tricky waters of marketing their unique skill set. 

In a short span, his guidance has transformed careers, helping many find success in an industry where traditional music revenues are drying up.


Before his dramatic success, Robbie faced challenges in scaling his coaching business. He had built a thriving community on Facebook, yet his revenue wasn’t reflecting the potential of his expertise or the demand of his audience. 

With a limited one-on-one coaching model, he was working tirelessly but hitting a ceiling on his earnings. 

Robbie sought a way to leverage his existing resources and community to amplify his revenue without overexerting himself, all while ensuring his coaching remained effective and impactful for his clients.


  • Establish and grow a thriving Facebook community.
  • Provide high-quality free content and position the group as an industry hangout.
  • Attract and retain members without paying for traffic.
  • Transition from a solo venture to a scalable coaching model.
  • Achieve financial stability and grow revenues significantly.


  • Successfully built a Facebook group nearing 5,000 members without any paid traffic.
  • Achieved a strong reputation for the group as an industry hangout.
  • Booked 40 to 50 consultation calls in a 5-day period.
  • Generated approximately $30,000 from a single promotion, with potential for up to $40,000.
  • Transitioned from a solo operation to potentially a four-person team in just six weeks.


Robbie began his journey by intuitively creating a Facebook community that was more of a mutual support space rather than a hard-selling platform. This atmosphere attracted genuine engagement and built Robbie’s reputation as a credible industry leader. Upon joining C&C’s Prominence Program, he recognized the potential of combining his already established community with our strategies.

Initially skeptical about changing the community’s dynamics, Robbie followed the relaunch formula provided by our Prominence Program, adapting its language to his community’s culture. This approach led to a surge in engagement, allowing Robbie to prime his community for a promotional cycle.

In terms of offers, Robbie worked with the “offer incubator” bonus of the program to design a new program that felt premium and valuable. The promotion led to an overwhelming response, resulting in a vast number of sales calls and potential revenue.

Recognizing the demand and the workload, Robbie decided to expand by hiring virtual assistants and other team members to take on administrative tasks, client onboarding, and potentially, sales.


Robbie’s efforts resulted in a significant uptick in engagement and interest. His initial promo led to booking around 40 to 50 calls in a five-day period, with a potential revenue generation of $30K to $40K. 

This massive influx of interest and the subsequent workload pushed Robbie to expand his one-man operation. He hired administrative assistants and explored adding more team members, including an appointment setter and potential closer.

Having a more extensive team not only helps manage the growing demand but also sets the stage for further scaling and optimizing his business. 

With the infrastructure in place and the momentum he gained, Robbie looks forward to even more significant growth in the future.

“Your (Clients & Community) Prominence program is world-class. I really, really, think it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. The support is world-class. The content is world-class. I highly recommend it. If you are a coach, it’s changed my life. So just wanted to say that I can’t wait to see what you continue to do with scaling.”

Robbie Teehan

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