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About Robin Rivera

Robin Rivera is a medicine woman facilitator and entrepreneur who empowers healers, change agents, and light workers to bring their unique gifts to the world.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and a bloodline of Mexican witches, she has been studying business for years and has a passion for using wealth and power for positive change.


As a single mom of three, Robin faced numerous challenges in her life and struggled to provide for her family. 

Despite her background in Mexican folk medicine and a master’s degree, she could not find a job that paid more than $28 an hour, which was insufficient to cover childcare costs for her children. 

Determined to find a solution, Robin turned to her coaching business as a way to generate income and create a better future for her family. However, she faced obstacles in scaling her business and needed a more systematic approach to achieving consistent growth and success.


  • Robin aimed to scale her coaching business to make $30-60k per month consistently and ultimately reach 100k months and beyond, seeking a more predictable client acquisition process through optimization of her Facebook Group.


  • Robin achieved over 250k/month in her coaching business for 5 months in the last 9 months, consistently surpassing her initial goal.


Robin purchased C&C’s Million Dollar Group System and transformed her unoptimized Facebook Group into a client-getting machine.

She implemented promo cycles with live webinar events, focusing on authenticity and vulnerability to attract potential clients. She also learned the importance of following up with leads, and maximizing the opportunities available to her.

Through this process, Robin expanded her capacity to handle responsibility, divine abundance, and financial opportunities.


Robin’s new approach enabled her to hit over 250k/month consistently in her coaching business, providing her with the financial freedom to meet her needs, create experiences for others, and invest in personal and professional growth.

She also experienced a significant shift in her perspective on leadership, learning to steward many dreams rather than just her own.

“I’ve learned so much from you guys about maximizing opportunities, following up with leads, and expanding my capacity for success. I’m truly grateful for the impact you’ve had on my life and business.”

Robin Rivera.

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