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About Ryan Andreas

Born in Columbus, Ohio, Ryan started his fitness journey training in local gyms. His transformative leap into virtual fitness began after he featured on a reality TV show, widening his audience. Despite being relatively new to the online world, his unwavering dedication, combined with his authentic approach to fitness, made Ryan a trusted name in the virtual fitness space.

Alongside his mother and business partner, a former figure competitor with decades of experience, he established an online fitness company targeting women battling Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Hashimoto’s, hypothyroid conditions, and diabetes. 

With a strong emphasis on authenticity and relatability, Ryan has captured a unique space in the fitness world, leveraging his ‘real’ personality to connect deeply with his audience.


Despite the early success of generating $1.2 million in their first year, the duo faced challenges in establishing a sustainable business model. Their rapid growth meant they were always on their toes, trying to keep up with demands and lacking a solid foundation for long-term growth. 

Ryan realized that despite having a Facebook group with thousands of members, they weren’t effectively monetizing it. The group was active but lacked direction and a clear revenue generation strategy. With the majority of their business built off of Instagram and the momentum from their initial launch slowing down, Ryan knew they needed a fresh approach. The challenge lay in identifying the missing piece that would take their business to the next level.


  • Enhance and streamline Facebook group processes for better client connection.
  • Improve the quality of leads and increase conversion rates.
  • Grow the business organically and incorporate new strategies for promotion and marketing.


  • Successfully generated $97,000 in just four days with a revamped promo strategy.
  • Gained more qualified leads resulting in a 50% close rate.
  • Strengthened team alignment and increased efficiency by implementing detailed planning and scheduling techniques.


Ryan Andreas had already been managing a fitness-related Facebook group with his team, consisting of ten members. Before joining the Clients & Community program, his group management strategy was more sporadic and lacked data-driven objectives. The approach largely consisted of daily content like “move of the week” and “recipe of the day.”

Upon entering the Client’s and community’s domain, the first shift was towards making their process more polished and data-driven. With guidance from his coach, Brian, Ryan transitioned from a laissez-faire strategy to one that was meticulously planned, scheduled, and optimized. Ryan was encouraged to use his entire team effectively, ensuring that each member was onboard with the same message and strategy. This unified approach ensured that their reach was maximized.

Furthermore, the content strategy shifted from just regular posts to a mix of soft and hard pitches, designed to effectively lead clients down the funnel. Emphasis was laid on the detailing of each post, the timing, and the wording to ensure maximum impact.


The revamped strategy bore fruit almost immediately. In just four days, they were able to generate a whopping $97,000. The leads were not just higher in number but were more qualified. Ryan mentioned that the number of leads they got this time was less than before, but they were of a higher quality. From about 80 calls, they were able to convert over 50%, highlighting the efficacy of the new approach.

The new system was not just about numbers. It helped Ryan and his team declutter their processes, sift through unqualified leads more efficiently, and focus their energy where it mattered most. This strategy, combined with their huge combined following, translated into tangible results in a short time.

“Working with Clients & Community polished our entire approach. The attention to detail, the meticulous planning, and leveraging the collective strength of our team are strategies that I hadn’t fully embraced before. The results, as they say, speak for themselves. $97,000 in four days is just the beginning. I’m excited to see where this can take us next.”

Ryan Andreas

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