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About Michael and Katrina Stead

Michael and Katrina Stead are a married couple who started their Airbnb short-term rental business in 2018. 

With a passion for entrepreneurship and financial freedom, they have grown their business to over 60 listings, managing properties for others without owning them. 

Born out of popular demand, the couple started BNB boot camp, their coaching and training business dedicated to helping busy professionals leave the nine-to-five with short-term rentals.


After a failed business venture saw Michael and Katrina lose $50,000, they found success in their short-term rental business. 

However, they faced a major challenge when their affiliate partnership with a large YouTube channel fell apart, causing their lead flow to drop dramatically. 

They needed to find a way to take control of their own marketing, lead generation, and messaging to maintain the growth and success of their business.


  • Gain control over marketing, lead generation, and messaging
  • Develop a scalable and sustainable system for their coaching and training business


  • Revived a dead Facebook group and grew it from 100 to 2000 members in just 3 months
  • Generated approximately $180,000 in revenue within 2 months


After enrolling in Clients & Community’s Prominence Partnership Program, Katrina and Michael Stead committed to building a thriving community and monetizing their Facebook group. They followed the program’s guidance and implemented a variety of strategies to achieve their goals. 

One key tactic was running ads on Instagram, which allowed them to attract more members at a lower cost. They also effectively leveraged their team by having them watch and implement different sections of the training, optimizing their resources and time. 

Throughout the process, they remained focused on continuous improvement and refining their strategies to drive better results.


Despite the challenges of raising a newborn baby and managing their time and resources, Katrina and Michael Stead were successful in growing their business. 

By working as a team and utilizing their complementary skills, they were able to achieve remarkable results. Michael excelled at research and strategy, while Katrina focused on implementing solutions and taking action. Their collaboration played a significant role in their success.

Additionally, they experienced a high level of support, training, and accountability from Clients & Community, which significantly contributed to their achievements. The program’s commitment to providing comprehensive support and holding members accountable for their progress enabled Katrina and Michael to push themselves further and accomplish their goals.

“The amount of support you guys had was incredible. You guys definitely hold people accountable. Like, we hold people accountable in our coaching but you guys took it to a different level. I’m just like – wow! The amount of support and training you guys had was incredible. And the accountability around it, that was probably my biggest shock.”

Michael and Katrina Stead

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