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About Stephaney Edwards

Stephaney Edwards is a legal nurse consultant who helps other nurses start and grow their own legal nurse consulting businesses. 

Through her coaching program, she assists nurses in pivoting their career paths and developing successful legal nurse consulting practices to serve attorney clients.


Before joining the Clients & Community (C&C) program, Stephaney’s coaching business was experiencing roadblocks, with revenues averaging between $25,000 and $30,000 per month. 

Her Facebook group lacked a clear purpose and intention, which made it difficult for her to attract new clients. The content she posted in the group was neither strategic nor purposeful, and she struggled with the fear of being too salesy. 

Additionally, Stephaney was putting in a lot of effort to reach out to potential clients, but the unclear messaging and lack of a compelling offer made it difficult to convert them. 


  • Increase client engagement and generate consistent revenue growth
  • Implement effective organic strategies without relying on paid ads
  • Achieve consistent six-figure cash months within nine months of joining Clients & Community (C&C)


  • Grew monthly revenue from an average of $25,000 – $30,000 to consistent six-figure cash months
  • Achieved over $35,000 in cash collected within the first 30 days of joining C&C
  • Successfully achieved 100% monthly closing rates
  • Attracted 1,300 members to their Facebook group, driving organic growth towards $1 million in revenue without paid ads


Stephaney Edwards sought to improve her business’s client engagement and revenue generation by joining the Clients & Community program. The program provided her with valuable strategies to enhance the performance of her business. 

One of the key changes she implemented was posting less frequently on social media but focusing on delivering higher-quality content that would resonate with her target audience. This approach ensured that her messaging was relevant and engaging, leading to increased interactions with potential clients.

Another significant strategy that Stephaney employed was leveraging promotional cycles to create a sense of urgency and excitement around her offers. By effectively communicating the value of her products and services during these promo cycles, she was able to pique the interest of potential clients and encourage them to book clarity calls. 

The combination of these approaches allowed Stephaney to better understand the needs and desires of her audience, ultimately leading to an increase in clarity calls booked and a higher closing rate.


Within just 30 days of joining the program and applying the techniques she had learned, Stephaney’s monthly revenue increased to $35,000 in cash collected, a significant improvement compared to her previous average of $25,000 – $30,000 per month.

The promo cycles and clear messaging were instrumental in achieving these results, as they helped Stephaney engage her audience more effectively and close deals at a higher rate. In fact, her closing rate soared to over 78%, a testament to the power of the strategies she adopted.

Additionally, Stephaney’s Facebook group experienced significant growth, reaching 1,300 members who were actively participating in the group’s discussions and activities. This organic growth was particularly impressive considering she achieved it without relying on paid ads, demonstrating the potency of the techniques she had learned through the Clients & Community program.

By following the proven process provided by Clients & Community, Stephaney’s business is now on a trajectory to reach an impressive $1 million in revenue organically, without resorting to paid advertising. 

The success she has experienced is a clear indication of the value and effectiveness of the strategies she learned and implemented through the program.

“If you are questioning investing, DON’T! Only been with C&C for 13 months & we are doing $300k/Month!!!! 3rd month in = $100k/M”

Stephaney Edwards.

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