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About Steven Vu

Steven Vu is a dynamic and passionate coach who helps aspiring entrepreneurs become successful coaches and consultants. 

Despite a challenging start and various stumbles, Steven, at only 25 years of age, successfully built his coaching business. His determination, coupled with the right mentorship, systems, and the powerful use of a Facebook group, has led to his impressive results.


Steven Vu found himself “stuck” at $20k per month in revenue, a figure that some might envy, but he knew there was more potential to unlock. 

While his initial organic marketing efforts had brought him this far, he realized the need for more strategic systems to generate clients and scale his earnings. 

His primary challenge was finding an effective, scalable method to attract more clients and raise his monthly revenue.


  • Learn how to efficiently use Facebook groups for business growth.
  • Overcome fear of live streams and become more comfortable on camera.
  • Increase client conversions while reducing content output.
  • Scale business to $50,000 per month.


  • Steven improved his confidence on camera and delivering live streams
  • Revenue increased by 4 times while posting less content
  • Generated $80,000 in one month with a Facebook group of only 160 people
  • Established an efficient client acquisition system that qualifies leads before they get on a sales call


Before working with Clients & Community, Steven Vu was already making about $20,000 per month mainly through organic marketing. His approach involved posting on Facebook groups and his personal page. However, after observing Clients & Community’s success with live streams and consistent content, Steven was intrigued and decided to learn more about their system.

He got on board with Clients & Community and studied their approach meticulously. He watched their live streams, taking extensive notes on what was said, how it was said, and the tonality used. This dedication and hard work helped Steven become confident on camera and highly skilled in delivering live streams.

With the new system, Steven began to post less but focused more on quality, producing high-value content once a week. He also started incorporating lead magnets every other week, to attract and start conversations with potential clients. Steven also used the GroupKit tool to generate emails from his group members, which enabled him to broadcast his posts and live streams.


With his newfound confidence on camera and improved client acquisition system, Steven managed to increase his revenue from $20,000 per month to $80,000 per month, a four-fold increase. He achieved these results by posting less but more strategic content and engaging live streams.

By adopting the systems of the Clients & Community team, Steven’s group of 160 members generated $80,000 in a month, averaging to $500 per person who joins the group. 

Furthermore, Steven’s business growth inspired him to raise his monthly goal from $50,000 to $150,000.

“Before I met you guys, my goal was actually just $50,000 per month. But then, I got plugged into the system, I got plugged into the group, and I made $80,000. So now my new goal is $150,000 in the group. I love the system you guys have installed into my business. It’s not that I’m good at sales, I just have a good sales system.”

Steven Vu

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