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About Sundey Gardner

Sundey Gardner is a certified project manager specializing in marketing and launching for small businesses. 

In 2018, she identified a unique need gap in the travel industry, helping travel business recruits learn how to launch and market their ventures. 

To fill this gap, she created a course called ‘Business Foundations’ that taught recruits the basics of setting up a business, developing a niche, branding, and marketing. 

Despite having a successful product, Sundey faced significant challenges in making substantial profits.


Sundey’s business model revolved around selling ‘Business Foundations’ alongside one-off classes at prices ranging from $25 to $47. 

Despite an intensive content creation strategy that included blogs, Pinterest posts, and regular group posts, the return on her efforts was negligible compared to the significant workload. 

She and her team, consisting of an intern, a graphic artist, and a VA, found themselves investing a lot of time and effort for minimal financial gain. Sundey’s monthly revenue stagnated at around $600, despite significant investment in terms of time and resources. 

Her struggle was to find a more sustainable and profitable approach that would allow her to leverage her skills and the value of her courses effectively.


  • Increase monthly revenue from $600 to a more sustainable and profitable level.
  • Reduce the amount of work put into content creation without reducing its impact and engagement.
  • Gain more control over the business finances and growth.


  • Raised monthly revenue from $600 to $13,000.
  • Achieved highest cash collected in a single period ever.
  • Increased group engagement significantly.
  • Reduced the number of website assets and simplified the business model


Sundey Gardner found herself in a tricky situation where she was working hard for little returns. Despite having a group and an offer, she wasn’t making any significant money and her business activities were draining her. Determined to turn things around, Sundey joined Clients & Community’s Prominence Partnership Program.

Sundey threw herself headfirst into the program, consuming all the available resources and promptly implementing what she learned. She understood that her previous strategies of giving away too much content for free were hindering her success, and she learned the power of “less is more”.

Her approach was simple and focused: Listen to what was being taught in the program and do it, regardless of what it was. Sundey saw the value in reducing her free content, giving her audience a compelling reason to invest in her program. She also significantly reduced her website assets and simplified her business model, leading to a streamlined, more efficient business operation.

Furthermore, Sundey capitalized on the power of Facebook ads for group growth, investing in this method to increase her audience. Even as she plans to increase her ad spend, the return on investment she’s already getting demonstrates the effectiveness of this approach.


Within a few months of implementing the strategies learned from the Prominence Partnership Program, Sundey saw a significant increase in her monthly revenue, moving from a mere $600 to a whopping $13,000. In a single period, she collected the highest cash amount she had ever collected in her business – $4,000.

Moreover, Sundey noted a considerable increase in the engagement within her group. Her members were more active and involved, adding more value to the group and making it more appealing to new members.

Ultimately, Sundey’s business has been transformed from a hard-work, low-return operation to a streamlined, high-return enterprise. She is now looking forward to expanding her business further and reaching her goal of making $100,000 per month.

“You both have changed my life. It feels good to be able to invest back in my business, not worry about payroll. It just, you know, it just feels great. Like I feel like I can do what I’m supposed to do and not worry about the other part of it. It’s just an amazing feeling.”

Sundey Gardner

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