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About Teresa Kaplan

Teresa Kaplan is a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice background who transitioned into alternative healing modalities in 2016. 

Passionate about deep energy work, she runs group programs to help healers find their purpose and expand their reach. 

Thanks to her unique approach, she now focuses on serving healers and therapists, combining coaching components to help them manifest their greater purpose rapidly.


Teresa faced a financial challenge in launching a certification program. She didn’t have the investment money for it, so she launched a different program to create income. 

However, she struggled with marketing and program clarity. To achieve this, she needed to refine her program’s structure, build alignment with the market, and maximize the impact of her group, even if it was small in size.


  • Generate revenue to fund the development and launch of her dream certification program.
  • Create an interim program to engage and support therapists and healers.


  • Successfully launched the interim program and gained a significant number of new clients.
  • Generated $18,000 in new revenue from a Facebook group of only 14 members.


Teresa Kaplan enrolled in the Clients & Community program despite lacking investment money for her desired certification program. 

She launched a different program to create income for the certification program and joined the Prominence Partnership Program to improve her marketing and program clarity. She used the Offer Incubator bonus to refine her program’s structure and build alignment with the market.

By taking advantage of this opportunity, she was able to fine-tune her program, making it more attractive to potential clients, and ensuring that it met and exceeded their needs and expectations.

Overall, Teresa Kaplan’s approach demonstrates her ability to be resourceful, adaptable, and strategic in achieving her goals. By leveraging the resources available to her, she was able to overcome obstacles, develop her skills, and create a successful business.


In a short period of time, Teresa generated $18,000 in new revenue from her 14 Facebook group members, significantly surpassing her initial expectations. This success allowed her to move forward with her dream of launching her own certification program.

“Joining the program gave me an upgrade in my confidence, and I felt all the goodness that you guys have in there. I trust your system, I trust the outcome, and I trust that if I do what you guide me to do, it’s going to work.”

Teresa Kaplan.

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