I still remember the day we hit our first $100K month. 

I mean, we’ve scaled to a million in a month since then… but that first $100K? We felt that one. 

Stapes, Jaden, and I were on cloud nine! 

And I bet if you asked any million-dollar entrepreneur out there, they’d tell you that they dreamt of that six-figure month even more than their seventh.

But it’s not just about the money. It’s about what it signifies… Validation. 

It meant our strategies with Facebook™ Groups were working, our hard work was paying off, and we were on the path to even bigger successes. 

It was a milestone, a marker of our dedication and belief in our vision.

Here’s the thing, though… achieving that milestone is not about working harder. It’s about understanding the numbers — the metrics behind your business.

So, lean in close, ’cause I’m about to share something that’s revolutionized our approach and could do the same for yours — the “law of 33″…

Here’s the math, and stick with me here…

If you’re a coach, and you have a Facebook group set up, know that approximately 3% of your group members will likely convert into clients. 

Sounds small? Think again. 

If you bring in 33 new members daily, that’s roughly one client every day.

Wait… “Even if I’m selling something for $10k?” Absolutely! It’s all about who you’re attracting. Bring in the right members and the price almost becomes a non-issue. 

Whether our clients sell a program for $2k or for $10k, the “law of 33” remains quite consistent. The math, folks, is truly magical.

But here’s the catch…


Let’s be honest – someone who joins your group today may not be the same as someone who signs up next year. 

Your energy, persistence, and consistency with marketing will determine your success rate. It’s not about overnight success but long-term gains.

Based on the “law of 33”, to hit just shy of that $100,000 a month, you need about one client every day. Now, if your offer is around the $ 3,000 mark, 33 group members daily will be your golden ticket.

Take our client, Jordan Mather for instance. He’s crushing it right now. Not in the usual coaching space, but working with physical therapists. Within a year, he made a million. And last month? $140k. His secret? About 35 new members join his group a day.

…Now, before you start frantically inviting people to your group, let’s take a breather…

The first step? Know your numbers. I can’t stress this enough. Everyone wants to earn more, but how much more? Are we talking $30K, $100K, or $250K a month? Get specific.

Then, reverse engineer. Know the price point of your program. See how many leads you need for a sale. If you know one in 33 leads will convert, you can pinpoint how many daily leads you need to achieve your revenue goal.

Imagine this: A car wash that sees less than 20 cars a day. They’d shut down, right?

If you’re getting less than 20 leads a day, it’s hard to call what you have a thriving coaching business.

But here’s the silver lining…

No matter where you stand right now, there’s always a way forward. Understand your numbers, embrace the “law of 33”, and watch as things start to change.

It’s not just about working harder; it’s about working smarter. 

Think about it… How many new members are joining your Facebook group daily? Are you close to the magic number? Remember, every lead counts.

If you’re not there yet, don’t fret. Be persistent, consistent, and watch the numbers. The results will follow. Simplify and target.

It’s time to take action. No more waiting around. Let’s scale that coaching business of yours and see you at the $100K month club.

See you at the top, friend. 💪🚀