Imagine walking into a room filled with over 50,000 of your exact target audience. 

This room is buzzing with activity. Conversations, insights, and sharing of resources happen at every corner. And almost every face you see, every voice you hear, is someone who recognizes you, trusts you, and believes in your program/offer to help them overcome their challenges with the solutions you offer. Some might have a thing or two holding them back from jumping on your offer right now. But they all know one thing: when they’re ready, you’re the first person they’re coming to.

Now, ask yourself: What would being in a room like this be worth to you?

Think about it: Say you have this awesome $3k program (and, hey, you shouldn’t go any cheaper). And just 3% of those folks in the room grabbed it right away, can you imagine how much that would be?

But wait, it gets better. Every single day, 100 more of these perfect-for-your-offer people keep joining the room and 3% keep buying. 

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?

Well, folks, that room is real. And it’s not made of bricks and mortar. It’s a digital room, thriving and dynamic. It’s our Facebook group. 

And not just any kind of group. It’s the kind of group that we’ve perfected at our company over the years. 

A group that isn’t just about numbers, but real, engaged people who’re genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Over the last 3 years since we launched, our group has seen exponential growth—over 52,400 members! 

I mean, we’re talking $14 million in revenue from this one Facebook group.

How Do We Make The Magic Happen?

Let’s break it down…

Every single ad dollar we’ve spent over the years directs people toward this group. And every single day, about 100 people join our group. 

Now, our group isn’t just any group. It’s private. And to join, you’ve got to answer some questions.

Out of those 100, 50 answer ‘YES’ to the 3rd approval question that essentially says, “Can we reach out about our offer?” 

Now, think about it: That’s 50 potential customers a day. You do the math.

And here’s where it gets interesting: From that 50, only about 15 reply to our chat. Out of those 15, five book a call. From those five, about 2.5 end up on what we call a triage call, making sure we’re on the same page. Half of them book the next call, our strategy session. And then… drum roll… around 1.25 of them? They buy.

When you step back and see the big picture? For every 100 people joining, we’re making around 1.25 sales within the first 7-14 days.

But that’s not all…

The community effect continues. 

With posts, interactions, and shared stories, this 1.25% conversion soon doubles in 30-60 days. Eventually, it goes up to 3%.

That’s 3 out of every 100 new members buying our offer in 30-60 days.

And we’ve seen this model work, not just for us, but for over the 800 coaches we’ve helped. 

We’re talking about a total sum of… wait for it… close to $200 million in revenue generated by our clients in the last three years alone, all thanks to their Facebook groups.

Let’s Compare…

If you look at traditional VSL funnels, they convert at just about 1%. But Facebook groups? They’re a whole different ball game. You can double, even triple your conversion rates.

The beauty of this model isn’t just in the short-term conversions. It’s in the long game. 

While half of our sales happen within the first two weeks, the next half trickles in over the next 90 days. 

And then, some buy a year or even two or three years down the line.

Why Settle for Less?

Now, circling back to that $3k price tag for your coaching program… Don’t undervalue yourself. 

Sure, you could scrape by with a $2k or below program. But the math is clear. Higher ticket offers mean less friction, fewer clients, and less hassle for a more streamlined revenue stream.

Wrapping It Up…

What’s the point I’m trying to drive home here? Two things, actually…

  1. The magic of higher-priced coaching programs. Fewer clients, less hassle, and a faster route to your revenue goals.
  2. The undeniable power of Facebook groups. They’re personal, they’re intimate, and they’re packed with potential clients.

Look, I get it. There’s so much noise out there about the best ways to grow your coaching business. 

You might be juggling multiple funnels, strategies, and platforms… all leading to a frustrating game of “Where’s Waldo” with your revenue. 

But sometimes, focusing on one thing can make all the difference. For us? It was our Facebook group.

Take a moment. Reflect on where you’re overcomplicating things. Where can you focus? What’s your “power of one”? Find it. Embrace it.

Invest your time in your community, make genuine connections, and watch as your bank account reflects the fruits of those relationships.

To success, community, and fulfilling your coaching dreams… 💪

Until next time!