Have you ever felt more comfortable in a certain financial or personal state simply because it’s what you’re used to? There’s less judgment, less pressure, and maybe even some sympathy attached to it… 

You’re not alone. Stapes and I have been there too…

Many years ago, at the beginning of our journey, we noticed that we had grown comfortable with being broke. 

Why? Because being broke meant fewer responsibilities and more sympathy. 

Odd, right? You’d think being broke was pure agony, but every cloud has its silver lining. 

Sometimes, we find solace in the stories we tell ourselves about our struggles. But the truth is, it’s all about the set points.

Let me break it down…

Set Points & The Tortoise Strategy

The principle is simple. 

Imagine you’re trying to lose weight. If you drop weight too fast, you’re more likely to gain it all back, and maybe even more. 

It’s like a rubber band pulled too far one way, only to snap back with even more force in the opposite direction. 

In our careers, Stapes and I learned to ‘let it breathe’. 

You climb a bit, get used to that altitude, then aim higher. Settle into each new level, understand it, and when you feel ready, push forward…

Think of it this way: It’s about making friends with every new stage you reach, savoring it, and ensuring you’re genuinely ready before moving forward.

Business isn’t any different. Phases of growth, followed by inevitable challenges. 

But instead of feeling defeated, we viewed it as an opportunity – reassess, rebuild, and grow stronger. 

Mindset Mastery: Your Ultimate Weapon

Here’s a funny twist: We used to think mindset was just a stepping stone, something to get us started. But now, as our business grows and the stakes get higher, mindset has become our anchor.

Sure, you could hustle and use every trick in the book to get to $10k or even $20k a month. But to truly scale? To reach the heights of $50k/month or even 7 figures? That takes a solid mindset.

Stapes and I are learning from some giants in the industry, and let me tell you: their dedication to mindset is unmatched. Instead of focusing solely on marketing and sales, they prioritize self-growth, awareness, and constant evolution.

So, What’s Your Next Move?

Here’s your takeaway: Identify your set points. Where are you now? Where do you want to be? Recognize them, adjust them, and let them breathe. 

But above all, invest in your mindset. Daily. Consistently. Fiercely.

And for all of you hustlers out there – looking to make your mark, scale up, and redefine your financial set point – ask yourself: “Where’s my mindset right now? How can I level up?”

Because remember, whether it’s your bank balance, lead generation, or personal growth – embracing and adjusting your set points with the right mindset is the secret sauce. 

So, what’s your game plan?