You know that feeling when a sales call feels… off? Like you’re talking, but not really connecting? Yeah, I’ve been there. And trust me, it’s not just you. It’s a challenge we all face. So, how about a story? Our story.

To paint you a picture: A couple of years back, our sales calls were… let’s just say, less than stellar. We had potential clients on the line, but things just weren’t clicking. Fast forward to today, and we’ve refined a framework—a framework that’s generated a whopping $50 million.

But here’s the twist.

It’s not just about our success. This framework? It’s been a game-changer for our clients too.

From our playbook, here’s what we’ve witnessed:

…Clients closing 20% more deals…

…Average call durations reduced by half…

…And a whopping 80% increase in client satisfaction…

All with this sales call framework.

Let that marinate for a moment.

The Beginning: How It All Began…

Our journey started with a simple realization. We saw that most sales calls lacked… well, structure. They were more like casual chats than strategic conversations.

And guess what? Clients felt it too.

Clients don’t just want chit-chat. They want clarity. A clear roadmap. A journey that tells them, “Hey, I’ve got you.”

So, we began experimenting, tweaking, refining… until we got it.

The Framework Revealed…

Here’s the thing… It’s not about just having an agenda. It’s about diving deep—really understanding what the client needs.

Our framework? It’s a 10-stage process. Sounds lengthy? Nah. In reality, our calls now last just about 28-30 minutes. Short, sweet, impactful.

The first three stages? Agenda, Obstacle, and Past. Let’s break it down:

  1. Agenda: It’s not just about asking, “How’s your day?” It’s about setting the stage, giving a clear picture of what’s to come.
  1. Obstacle: This is where the magic happens. Dive deep. Understand their pain points. Remember, to solve a problem, you first need to understand it.
  1. Past: Knowing where they’ve been helps chart where they need to go. What’s worked? What hasn’t? It’s all crucial.

The key? It’s not just about asking the right questions. It’s about listening. Really hearing what they’re saying.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg… There’s so much more to unpack.

Your Next Move…

So, you’ve got the first bit of the formula. But what next?

I challenge you: On your next sales call, apply these stages. Set your agenda, dive into their obstacles, and explore their past. See the difference it makes.

See, this isn’t just a strategy—it’s a mindset shift.

Think about it… We’ve been in the trenches and this framework? It’s been our lifeline. And it can be yours too.

And hey, this is just the start. Stay with me for Part 2. We’ll peel back more layers, get deeper into the strategy, and turn those calls into conversions.

Ready to transform your calls? Let’s do it!