Ever felt stuck about pricing your programs? 

You’re not alone. 

Every coach, consultant, and business owner has been there. 

It’s like standing at a crossroads, unsure which path leads to success. 

But here’s the thing: pricing is more than just a number. It’s a strategy.

Let’s dive into this together.

Who Do You Serve? It Matters.

Imagine you’re a chef. And your dishes are your programs. 

Who are you cooking for? 

The family down the street or the food critic from a gourmet magazine? 

In every market, there are those looking for a quick, cheap meal and those seeking a gourmet experience. 

Your job? Identify who you’re serving. 

If you’re aiming for high-end clients, your pricing should reflect that. 

Cheap prices often send the message of cheap value. 

And who wants that?

Transformation: The Heart of Your Offer

Think about the last time you made a significant change in your life. Maybe you started a fitness journey or learned a new skill. 

That transformation was priceless, right? 

Your clients think the same way. 

If you’re helping them achieve life-changing results, whether it’s in fitness, business, or relationships, your price should mirror the value of that transformation. 

It’s not just a service; it’s a life-altering experience.

Delivery: The ‘How’ Matters as Much as the ‘What’

Let’s go back to our chef analogy. 

How is the food served? Is it a self-serve buffet or a five-course meal with a personal waiter? 

The delivery of your program adds to its value. 

If you’re offering personalized coaching, group sessions, and comprehensive resources, your price should reflect that premium service.

Positioning: Be the Go-To Expert

Ever noticed how some brands just stand out? 

They have a certain flair, a reputation that precedes them. 

That’s positioning. 

When you’re known as the top dog in your niche, people expect, and are willing to pay, premium prices. 

Build that reputation, showcase your success stories, and watch as your perceived value skyrockets.

When to Raise Your Prices: Timing Is Everything

Here’s a simple rule of thumb: If you’re converting at over 50%, it’s time to raise your prices. 


Because high demand and limited supply increase value. 

But remember, pricing isn’t set in stone. 

Test different price points. See what works with your audience and adjust accordingly.

Finding Your Sweet Spot

Every market has a sweet spot for pricing. 

It’s that perfect balance where value and affordability meet. 

Your goal? Find that sweet spot. 

It’s not about continuously hiking up prices; it’s about finding the price that maximizes both your profit and your clients’ satisfaction.

What’s Next? Action Time!

Now, let’s get down to business. Reflect on these points:

  1. Who Are You Serving? Are you aligning with the high end of your market? If not, how can you shift your focus?
  2. What Transformation Do You Offer? Are you underselling the impact of your services?
  3. How Are You Delivering Your Program? Could a format change justify a price increase?
  4. How Are You Positioned in Your Market? Is it time for a brand boost to elevate your perceived value?

Think about your pricing strategy. 

Are you playing it too safe? Or maybe you haven’t given your audience enough credit. 

Pricing isn’t just about numbers; it’s about value, perception, and strategy.

And hey, if you’re feeling stuck, we’re just a message away. We’ve walked this path and helped others do the same. 

Reach out, and let’s make your pricing strategy as effective and profitable as it should be.

Here’s to charging what you’re truly worth! 🚀🌟