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About Tiffany Aquino-Vin

Tiffany Aquino-Vin is a leadership coach who empowers aspiring leaders to build teams that represent their core values and mission. 

With 10 years of coaching experience, she has dedicated herself to creating leadership that fosters love, connection, joy, and prosperity. 

In addition to her coaching business, Tiffany is also a successful network marketer.


Before working with Clients & Community, Tiffany faced several challenges in her business. She was exhausted from her one-on-one coaching model, and her group coaching efforts were unsustainable. 

Furthermore, she struggled with client acquisition and fostering genuine engagement in her Facebook group. 

With a monthly revenue of $2,000 to $3,000 and her time and energy being poured into her business, she found herself with negative profits and energy. 

Tiffany needed to find a way to scale her business, engage her audience, and streamline her coaching process to achieve greater success. 


  • Scale her coaching business model for greater impact
  • Reach revenue goal of $30,000/month


  • Attracted 100 new members in three days during the Facebook group launch
  • Generated $20,000 in revenue within the first promo cycle
  • Achieved results without investing in advertisement


Tiffany Aquino-Vin recognized the value in Clients & Community’s comprehensive program and decided to enroll, hoping to replicate the success that others had experienced. To achieve this, she diligently followed the launch templates provided by the program, which guided her through the process of starting and growing her Facebook group.

With a clear plan in place, Tiffany focused on creating an engaging and dynamic group that would attract new members. Within just three days of launching the group, she saw a significant influx of new members, with the count increasing by 100. This early success was a testament to the effectiveness of the strategies provided by Clients & Community.

Despite her background and experience in closing deals, Tiffany decided to strictly adhere to the promo cycle templates and scripts provided by the program. She believed that staying true to the proven methods would increase her chances of achieving her desired results. This commitment to following the guidance of the program allowed her to focus on execution and leverage the expertise of Clients & Community.


Tiffany’s dedication to implementing the strategies she learned through the Clients & Community program paid off, as she experienced impressive results in just one promo cycle. 

She generated over $20,000 in one month, coming close to her ambitious goal of $30,000. This level of success exceeded her expectations and further validated the effectiveness of the methods taught in the program.

What made Tiffany’s results even more remarkable was the fact that she achieved them without investing any money in advertising. This demonstrated that the strategies provided by Clients & Community were not only effective but also efficient in terms of resource allocation. By harnessing the power of organic growth and engagement, Tiffany was able to create a thriving community and generate significant revenue.

By following the guidance of Clients & Community, Tiffany not only recovered her initial investment in the program but also generated income far beyond her expectations. With a clear path ahead, she now aims to help her clients achieve similar levels of financial success and continue to elevate her business to new heights.

“What Clients & Community have done is take tactics and strategies and principles, put them all together and made it the most relevant business tool in the universe. I’m saying that because I’ve been in this industry for so long… and I’ve never seen this combination of what’s been happening. So all I’m gonna say is take the leap, trust what’s happening and don’t be left behind.”

Tiffany Aquino-Vin

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