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About Tony Le

Tony Le is a college admissions coach who helps high school families get accepted into their dream Ivy League colleges. 

Leveraging his experience as an external admissions reader at UC Berkeley, Tony offers unique insights into the college admissions process. 

With a strong presence on TikTok, he creates engaging and informative content to help students and parents navigate the complex world of college applications.


Despite having a large following on TikTok and a wealth of experience in the education field, Tony struggled to monetize his social media presence. 

His coaching business was generating only $20K-$30K per year, far from his potential. The challenge for Tony was to find a way to leverage his audience and turn it into a sustainable and profitable business model.


  • Help students chase their dreams and achieve their goals while growing the business and increasing revenue


  • Generated $24,000 in the first month, with the biggest month reaching $64,000
  • Collected $250,000 cash from an $8,000 investment in Facebook ads


Tony Le enrolled in Clients & Community’s Prominence Partnership Program to grow his business. He immediately implemented the strategies he learned, including launching a Facebook group and attracting leads through paid ads. 

By offering free weekly trainings and showcasing student success stories, Tony built trust and credibility with his audience. 


Tony started with a goal of $10,000 per month but quickly surpassed it, generating $24,000 in his first month. He continued to grow the business, with his biggest month reaching $64,000. 

By spending $8,000 on Facebook ads, Tony collected $250,000 in cash, and his total revenue is approaching half a million dollars. He achieved these results by trusting the process and consistently following the system provided by the Prominence Partnership Program. 

“Working with you guys has been a game-changer! Every time I set a new goal, you guys help me hit it. The support you provide is incredible, and being part of such a world-class environment has empowered me to keep growing and achieving more.”

Tony Le.

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