Ever had that moment? You know, the one where you’ve poured your heart, soul, and a couple hours into crafting the perfect Facebook post… only for it to be met with a deafening silence. It’s like showing up to a party in your best outfit and nobody notices.  Yup, not even a single ‘like’ from that ever-supportive aunt of yours…

Sounds familiar?

So, here’s the thing…

If you can’t hook ’em in those first few lines—the bit before that “See More” button—then, my friend, the rest might as well not even exist. Sounds harsh, but it’s the truth.

I’ve been there, sitting and staring at that blinking cursor, wondering, “What the heck do I write now?” After hours of tweaking, you hit ‘post’, waiting for the likes and comments to roll in… but nada. Nothing. Zip.


Well, it’s because of that tiny portion above the “See More” button. That’s your golden ticket. It’s where you should be investing 80% of your time. The rest? Just 20%. Sounds crazy, right?

But let’s break it down.

In the world of journalism, there’s this term: “Burying the lead.” It’s like telling a friend about a casual walk you took, and then suddenly dropping in that Godzilla crushed your car. Wait, what? Shouldn’t that Godzilla bit have been mentioned first?

That’s the point. You need to lead with the juiciest, most gripping part of your story. Don’t bury it in the middle where nobody will see it.

Now, I’ve seen many of you. Talented. Smart. Yet, you’re hiding your genius, tucking away your best stories, insights, and points in the middle of your content. And guess what? No one’s seeing it…  No one’s diving deep enough to find them… except you.

So, what’s the fix?

Take what’s in the middle, move it to the top. Start with the gold. Begin with the bang. And trust me, they’ll be hooked.

And while the hook is your frontman, the body of your content is your rock-solid band. Let the writing be your rhythm. Don’t overanalyze, don’t self-edit mid-flow—just let it out. Trust in your voice and the story you’re spinning.

Now, here’s your challenge: Next time you’re drafting that Facebook post, or any content for that matter, think about your reader. How can you grab their attention right from the get-go? How can you make them lean in and think, “I NEED to read more?”

Start with the good stuff. Make it impossible to ignore.

And if ever you feel stuck or need a sounding board, you know where to find us. We’re here, cheering you on.

Keep writing, keep engaging, and most importantly, keep shining. We’re in this together.

Until our next chat.

Stay inspired.