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About Zarina Chopra

Zarina Chopra is a dedicated Tao Soul Healer and Transformational Coach who empowers overwhelmed and busy women to manifest inner peace and “queen” confidence. 

Through her 24-week program, Quantum Queen Rising, Zarina combines Tao Soul healing and quantum healing techniques to guide women in reconnecting with their inner selves.

Before focusing on the healing aspect through Quantum Queen Rising, Zarina had her journey through business coaching and one-on-one sessions, facing many challenges and trials along the way.


Zarina’s journey wasn’t always smooth sailing. Prior to finding her successful formula, she experienced the grueling cycle of live launching – a model that involved intensive preparation and resulted in a boom and bust cycle of revenue, which ultimately led to Zarina burning out three times in a year. Despite the substantial revenue, the constant pressure and intensity of the model were unsustainable.

Moreover, 2020 threw another challenge at Zarina when she fell ill, likely due to a combination of the global pandemic and her burnout. This led her to pause her work with Quantum Queen Rising, keeping the business alive through referrals alone. But even in the midst of these challenges, Zarina’s dedication and resilience were not dampened, and she remained open to finding a new, more sustainable way of running her business.


  • Recover from burnout and health issues while maintaining business operations
  • Generate consistent revenue and leads for her business from an average of $2,000 per month
  • Reignite passion and engagement in her existing Facebook group
  • Simplify her business operations and strategies


  • Successfully signed up three clients for their $10,000 program
  • Helped clients save $150,000 and pay off $30,000 in debt
  • Raised their own income by offering programs and coaching


When Zarina Chopra joined Clients & Community’s (C&C) comprehensive program, she was dealing with the burnout and the health issues it caused. To recover and reinvent her business, she had to revisit her strategies, starting with her dormant Facebook group.

Upon enrolling, she immediately dove into the relaunching of her group and the promotional cycles. She found joy again in live sessions and was surprised by the simplicity of weekly trainings. Moreover, she had assistance from a partner who focused on the marketing aspect, particularly ad placements and metrics.

What stood out in her journey was her conscious decision to wait for inspired action. Instead of rushing to perform various tasks, Zarina waited until she felt a genuine pull towards certain actions, making every step she took more meaningful and effective.


Within just 60 days, Zarina saw a drastic improvement in her business. Her monthly revenue jumped from an average of $2,000 to $37,000, marking an impressive increase. Her Facebook group grew from 1,800 to 2,500 members, becoming an active community again.

More importantly, Zarina found a balance in her life, reconnecting with her passion for live teaching while also maintaining a profitable business. The stress and burnout were replaced with a sene of peace and connection, demonstrating how the right approach can bring not just financial but also personal success.

“Literally I saw Clients & Community (C&C) ad and it felt like, oh f*ck yes, excuse my language. Sorry. Like I went right for it… it was just so in alignment.”

Zarina Chopra

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