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About Daniel Jacob

Daniel Jacob is a dating coach who helps men meet, attract, and date quality women. Unlike other coaches in the men’s dating niche, he focuses on addressing deep-rooted limiting beliefs and fears to achieve elite levels of confidence and success in dating. 

Daniel developed a system based on his own experiences, providing men with the tools they need to overcome their insecurities and achieve their dating goals.


In the beginning, Daniel struggled with promoting his dating coaching business. With no system or guarantee of income, he experienced burnout and frustration. 

He invested in a mentorship program that taught him a webinar-style marketing model, but it was not as effective as he hoped. With high costs per lead and low client trust, Daniel found himself sinking further into financial strain. 

The turning point came when he realized the power of multiple touchpoints and engagement through a small Facebook group. 

However, he needed to find the right strategy to truly scale his business and achieve sustainable success.


  • Increase revenue and profitability while transforming clients’ lives


  • Generated $110,000 in total revenue in 90 days
  • Achieved a 24x return on ad spend


Daniel Jacob discovered Clients & Community through Facebook ads and decided to join the Prominence Partnership program after some research. 

He learned about the “honeypots” strategy and began implementing it in his Facebook group. He also adopted our ad strategy, which involves running ads to Facebook groups and capturing leads through a “trifecta lead” system that captures group members, email addresses, and phone numbers.

By implementing these strategies and utilizing the provided templates, scripts, and other assets from Clients & Community, Daniel was able to grow his business and transform his clients’ lives.


After putting in the work and implementing the strategies, Daniel saw significant results. He spent $2,000 a month on ads and generated between $30,000 to $35,000 per month in revenue. 

In total, he generated $80,000 in front-end revenue and nearly $30,000 in back-end revenue, amounting to $110,000.

Daniel attributes his success to the comprehensive support and resources provided by Clients & Community, which allowed him to focus on his business and clients. As a result, he achieved a 24x return on ad spend.

“Joining the program has been transformational for me. The systems, knowledge, and assets provided have not only helped me grow my group and business but also enabled me to give back more to my clients. The confidence and inner certainty that I can make money anytime, anywhere on demand is invaluable.”

Daniel Jacob

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