The reality is:

The life you live 6 months from now & beyond will be made up of the decisions you make – today.

So it’s useful to learn how to make good ones.

Here’s a few ideas you can try next time you’ve got a big decision to make:


A lot of us take our precious ideas & we box ‘em up, then hide them away from the outside world.

When what you want to do is take your ideas & have ‘em boxed by the people you care about most.

Take your best ideas to your…



Running partners

…& have those those people try to beat your ideas up.

Sometimes, they’ll help you refine your ideas & chisel a beautiful statue out of stone.

Other times, they’ll crush your idea, which is a GOOD thing. You’ll save time & energy right up front.

You don’t always have to follow the direction of your council, but always seek it.


When you’ve got a big idea, a big opportunity, a big decision to make, your body gets flooded with chemicals like Serotonin, Dopamine, & Oxytocin.

And these chemicals cause you to feel extreme emotions you wouldn’t normally feel.

Making sound decisions in this environment is nearly impossible.

So I have a rule:

Any big decision in front me, I sleep on it. Period.

There are times where it’s valuable to make decisions with speed, but if I’m in the middle of a big one, I sleep on it.

I let my body flush out those chemicals & make that big decision the next day with a sound mind.


A mistake I see a lot of people making is:

They make decisions based on what they think they want, instead of what they actually want.

They think they want to make more moola.

So they take the new job that pays more, when what they really wanted was more time with their family… & now their new job is a hindrance to that original value.

They think they want to eat that chocolate cake.

When what they really want is the body of their dreams.

Your next step is to get clarity on what you really, REALLY want, so that you can make decisions in alignment with those values.

Hope this quick post helps.

Would love to hear your thoughts?